What Our Customers say about us...

After 6.9 Earthquake:  Ava says thank you for building us a strong house.

-After 6.9 Earthquake

"I LOVE having a warm home and not having to stoke a fire in the basement every hour to achieve it." - Lacee

- Lacee

Dear Steve and Amy, I just wanted to thank you for always being there for me.  No matter when I call you always make me feel like I am a priority.  Your customer service is truly amazing.  O'Rourk


I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on the reconstruction of the old building that is now Cafe Brio.  The Alchemy team was always a joy to work with, responding to the surprises that are inevitable on a remodel with ingenuity and a can-do spirit.  Your close teamwork with our architect enabled us to make many on-the-fly decisions quickly & efficiently.  The radiant heating works wonderfully no matter how may customers come and go.  The quality of the work is over top notch.  The only problem I have is I wish we had made it bigger-- oh, that was my decision, wasn't it?

Serge Scherbatskoy, Owner, Cafe Brio

-Cafe Brio

"I don't know which we are more happy with--the great in-floor radiant heating Steve at Alchemy Construction Inc. installed in our new home 4 years ago, or the really great service received from Steve and Amy the very few times we've had a problem.  We use our home in Trinidad as a vacation rental when we're not there and have received rave reviews on the radiant heating from renters also.  We've had very few problems in 4 years and Steve has always gone out of his way to quickly help us and correct them, even coming after hours once for my convenience. Steve has been great on service and a pleasure to deal with, as is Amy.  The work product is the best.  In fact, the contractor that built my house is the one that referred Steve to me for the radiant floor heating, saying he WAS the best around--and contractors know, who the other contractors are, that are good!"

Dennis and Jean Halkides


-Dennis and Jean Halkides

We feel we live in a showcase home, thanks in part to Alchemy's work. Steve and Amy answered our questions patiently while planning and communicated well with us and the other contractors during construction. Their entire team is courteous and professional. We are extremely satisfied with the result!

The Joneses

-The Joneses

Before beginning construction of our home we spent much time researching...we quickly concluded radiant heat was the way to go and Alchemy were the folks to install it.  We are delighted to report our heating bills are less than those for our previous home despite an increase in square footage.  Additionally, the temperature remains consistent throughout the house upstairs and down.  Stephen and Amy have provided excellent support ~ they are quick to respond to any questions and have made several visits to explain how the system works (it's easier to have a live being demonstrate than attempt to make sense of a manual!)

-Marita & Family

Thanks for easing our discomfort and restoring our faith in green living (after our experience with a contractor who didn't understand how to install our radiant/solar heating system). We not only feel warm & cozy for the first time since the house was "finished" nearly a year ago, we feel at home.  And thanks so much for installing those fantastic towel warmer radiators:  There's nothing like snuggling into a warm towel as you step out of the shower, or settling a warm nightie over your shoulders on a cold night!"

-Don & Carol

Thanks Amy and Steve and Alchemy crew. Our home is cozy and warm -- we love it!

-Sara & Peter Starr

I decided to use the Alternative Owner Builder process in building my home five years ago. Steve and Amy Bohner of Alchemy Construction shared my enthusiasm as they guided me through the entire process. They assisted with the initial design, guided me through all the necessary decisions required, including radiant heating, choosing materials for each component, coordinating with suppliers, etc. I relied heavily upon their expertise, resulting in my ideal home that I plan to spend the rest of my life in. Without reservation, I recommend Alchemy Construction and their remarkable crew of friendly craftsmen. Imagine, a contractor who listens to what you want, and remains flexible throughout the process. Incidentally, the building inspector who performed most of the inspections made it very clear that I had chosen a solid group. Craftsmanship lives. 

-Sam King

I love my radiant floor heat with solar H20. Alchemy Construction is easy to work with, answered all my and concerns and are very professional. When I need more solar I will definitely call Alchemy!!!

-Renee Grinnell

In a bathroom construction project in May 2008 , Alchemy Construction was very professional, helpful, and took pride in their high quality work. We had two hydronic radiators installed and are very happy with their performance. It is great to have a silent heating system. 

-Dave Woodson

Radiant heating was high on our list of "must haves" when we started designing our new home. We met with Steve Bohner of Alchemy Construction who gave us great advice. In fact, his influence was so positive he eventually assumed the role of general contractor for the whole project. Steve worked closely with our architect and the result was a very efficient radiant/boiler/plumbing system that we very much enjoy today. Hot water arrives at all of our fixtures within 10 seconds. The house is warm & dry even in our damp coastal climate. The thermostat in each of the 4 zones is programmed to turn on and off according to our schedule. We hardly ever touch them.
In the 3 years we have lived in our new home there have been a couple of occasions when things with the system did not seem to be working properly. Steve has always cheerfully made time to stop by, make adjustments, and get us "warmed back up".
It is our pleasure to recommend Steve & Amy Bohner of Alchemy Construction in Arcata, California. They are passionate about their products and committed to their clients' happiness.

-Sue & Bob Johnson

The floor and the heat are AWESOME!

-Laura Trygar